Whether you are searching for Personal or Business insurance, Columbus Insurance Agency is a Trusted Choice Independent Agent and that means we are free to shop multiple providers on your behalf. More freedom means more options and more savings for you.


Captive Versus Independent Agents

 There are two primary types of insurance agents who will handle your business insurance needs. Understanding the differences between the two will help you determine which one is best suited for your business and your needs.


Captive Agents 

A captive agent is someone who represents a single insurance company. Part of a captive agent's agreement is that only one company's coverage, services, and products are offered to clients and potential clients.


Independent Agents 

Independent agents, such as Columbus Insurance Agency are on the Trusted Choice® network and can offer coverage from a variety of different providers. In most cases, independent agents can provide clients with more options, as well as cost savings, given the variety of insurance providers they represent.

Independent agents are able to shop around to ensure you get the best possible blend of coverage coupled with rates. You are most likely busy operating your business. Instead of spending endless hours finding quotes from insurance companies, you can let an independent agent take care of this for you.

In addition, an experienced independent agent can provide you with guidance as it relates to your particular business insurance needs. There are many situations when combining various types of insurance policies can save your business substantial amounts of money. As no two businesses face exactly the same risks, knowledgeable independent insurance agents can help identify your unique liabilities and insurance needs.